Fence Washing

We pay attention to every crevice on vinyl, wood, privacy, picket, and shadowbox fences. Simply put, Rent A Vet Power Washing produces before and after results that you must see to believe. Contact us today to schedule a fence washing service and say goodbye to dirt, grime, and discoloration.

Eco Friendly

We don’t just use any materials. We use professional-grade eco-friendly soaps and detergents to get the job done. When you consider just how much solution is used when pressure washing, this is a pretty big deal. Additionally water waste is a very big environmental concern. You’re looking at using 4 gallons per minute, easy. The learning curve is steep, so a beginner is going to spend a much longer time to accomplish the same job. This means more water, more detergents are wasted through the pressure washing process. Our pressure washing in St Louis ensures a clean job done efficiently and done right the first time.

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No Small Task

Power washing fences literally can be a tall task. Depending on the height and length of a fence, it can take hours to thoroughly clean. Remember, all four sides need to be washed (which isn’t the case for other exterior surfaces). This isn’t to say that cleaning your fence isn’t worth it. It simply makes the case to get it professional cleaned. In fact, contacting Rent A Vet Power Washing is a great idea if you’re selling your home, hosting a party, or if you manage a large property.

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