House Washing

Contacting Rent A Vet Power Washing is the simplest way to enhance the look of your home. Our house washing service uses low pressure and a biodegradable formula to remove dirt, mold, mildew, and just about anything else that has accumulated on your siding.

Vinyl House Washing

Vinyl siding is an excellent choice when it comes to a home exterior. Its affordable and offers a simple yet attractive look. The main issue with vinyl is most of the time its a lighter color so the algae growth tends to be quite noticeable. We can house wash your vinyl to look as good as new! Rent A Vet provides the safest vinyl house washing in the St Louis area.

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Brick House Washing

Brick homes are timeless and durable. When maintained they look amazing but the porous nature of bricks provide an ideal breeding ground for algae to live and thrive. We can safely perform a St Louis house wash for all of your brick surfaces and we guarantee our house washing will make your brick home look as good as new.

Stucco House Washing

Stucco is very popular with home builders. Its durable, its affordable and looks amazing. However, similar to brick, stucco provides numerous nooks and crannies for moisture to get trapped in and algae to begin growing. A quick and affordable St Louis house wash is a great way to freshen up your stucco in no time.

Wood House Washing

House washing old wooden homes can be harmful and difficult. Using too much pressure while house washing in St Louis can cause irreparable harm to your wooden siding, while using not enough pressure while house washing can provide sub par results. Our soft, eco-friendly house washing utilizes powerful detergents to work hard while keeping the pressure down.

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